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The advantages that contact lenses have over eyeglasses include leaving your facial appearance as-is, providing a more natural type of vision, and allowing you to experience your full peripheral (side-to-side) eyesight. In addition, contact lenses have come a long way. When you come in to Yandell Eyecare, you’ll discover that there have been many advancements in contact lens technology even just over the last few years. You can expect them to be more comfortable and offer you even better vision correction qualities than ever before. Our Get More Information include both soft and hard contact lenses as well as a variety of soft types to meet your individual needs and preferences.

Hard contact lenses may take a little more getting accustomed to, but they do offer sharper and clearer eyesight than soft lenses, and they are the best choice when you have severe nearsightedness or astigmatism. On the other hand, soft lenses are easier to wear or most people and there are four categories to select from. There’s daily wear, which you can wear for up to 18 hours each day before taking them out to clean. Extended wear lenses can remain in overnight for your convenience. Disposable contacts are worn just one time and then discarded in favor of a new pair. And color-changing let you indulge your fashion sense, with a complete change of eye color. You don’t even need vision correction to experience the joy of wearing them. We also offer bifocal or multifocal among our Get More Information.

To get started, you’ll want to call us and schedule an exam with our eye doctor. We’ll find out if you are nearsighted, farsighted, have an astigmatism, or some combination of these vision issues. If you already wear contacts, you can just call us or come in for a resupply. And if you have not had an eye exam in at least a year, it’s a good time to arrange one. Your vision needs change over time and it’s important to make sure that your current prescription is up-to-date before you get more of our Get More Information.

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