Eye Care in Morristown

Pros and cons of contact lens wearing in Morristown

Eye care in Morristown

Eye care in Morristown

Should you wear glasses or contact lenses? It’s a question that most people ponder when they need vision correction. There are pros and cons to wearing contact lenses, and here at Yandell Eyecare, we want you to have all the information necessary to make an informed decision, so that your experience will be the best one possible in terms of suiting your needs and preferences.

An eye exam done yearly at our office will ensure that our eye care in Morristown detects how well you are seeing up close, far away, and in-between, as well as from side to side. For wearing contacts, you will also have a contact lens exam, which takes into account the unique aspects of corrective lenses that are always touching your eyes. It is essential that the key parts of your eyes are checked for any potential complications. A fitting is also done to promote maximum comfort and to ascertain that you are getting the utmost in vision improvement from them. What is on the pro list when it comes to wearing contact lenses? First, the type of vision they provide is more natural than that of glasses. Your peripheral vision (side-to-side) will be unhindered. And your facial appearance will be unaffected, so if glasses make you feel self-conscious, contacts from our eye care in Morristown are ideal. And with an impressive selection among hard and soft lenses, along with options such as daily wear, extended wear, disposable, and color-changing, you can get exactly what will be most pleasing for you. What are the cons? Not everyone feels comfortable having something in their eyes. You could find them not sufficiently comfortable, or get irritation, inflammation, or infections from them. They also take more maintenance and attention day-to-day than glasses do.

Let our eye care in Morristown help you to decide if contacts are the right selection for you. Call us and schedule an eye exam with our optometrist.

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