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Dry Eye Symptoms Morristown

Best eye doctor in Morristown

Dry eye symptoms Morristown

Dry eye symptoms Morristown

If you are having problems with dry eye, you should visit us at Yandell Eyecare. Our top-notch optometrist, Dr. James Allen Yandell, can provide you with treatment for your dry eye symptoms Morristown, which can become particularly troublesome due to winter weather.

There are many reasons why a patient may have problems with dry eye. Sometimes this is brought on by age, or by hormonal changes. Dry eye symptoms Morristown can also be caused by certain medications you are taking. When a patient has dry eyes they have a problem with either the amount of tears that are being produced, or the quality of tears that are being produced. Tears are needed to nourish and cleanse your eye. While dry eye is not a serious problem in itself, it can go on to cause serious vision problems if left untreated. This is because dry eye can cause permanent damage to the cornea if left untreated. Generally, dry eye can be treated with medicated eye drops, or with eye surgery in the most serious cases of dry eye. Many patients have the most problems with dry eye during the cold weather. During winter, the cold weather and dry air can make your eyes particularly uncomfortable, and this can even lead to dry eye syndrome for patients who have not otherwise experience it. During the winter, the air is much drier than in other months. Cold winter winds can also irritate the eyes which can be particularly troublesome for patients who wear contact lenses. Even if you are indoors most of the time, there is generally less moisture in the air due to indoor heating. So, for many patients the air inside your home is more irritating to your eyes than the air outside your home. You will want to visit our optometrist to see if medication should be prescribed to ease your dry eye problem.

For an appointment to visit with our optometrist to discuss your dry eye symptoms Morristown, and to learn what can be done to help, contact us today.

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