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Expert Optometrist in Morristown Tennessee

Cataracts in Morristown Tennessee

Expert optometrist in Morristown Tennessee

Expert optometrist in Morristown Tennessee

If your vision has become blurred, and you have trouble seeing clearly while driving at night, you may have cataracts. At our vision practice, Yandell Eyecare, our expert optometrist in Morristown Tennessee, Dr. James Allen Yandell, can provide you with comprehensive eye exams as well as cataract diagnosis and care.

Having cataracts is a very common condition found in older adults. However, cataracts can develop at any age. When a patient has a cataract, it means that the natural lens of their eye has thickened and now causes blurred vision. Cataracts can exist in one or both eyes. Happily, cataracts can now be easily and completely corrected using laser cataract surgery. It is now one of the most common and safest eye surgeries performed today. However, many patients do not want to have cataract eye surgery when cataracts are first diagnosed. Our expert optometrist in Morristown Tennessee will be able to manage your cataract situation for you by periodically examining your eyes and keeping track of how the cataracts in your eyes are progressing. In the meantime, our optometrist can write a lens prescription for you which will have you seeing clearly once again. Many times, patients are able to receive several lens updates before they are told by our optometrist that they need to have cataract surgery in order to have their vision corrected. It is impossible for any eye doctor to determine exactly how quickly cataracts will progress, or how far they will progress. However, most cataracts will go on to cause total blindness if they are left untreated. Cataract surgery is performed on an outpatient basis during which time the damaged lens of your eye is replaced with a clear man-made lens. Our eye doctor can refer you to an expert eye surgeon who specializes in this successful treatment.

For an appointment to see our expert optometrist in Morristown Tennessee for a comprehensive eye exam, contact us today.

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