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Sunglasses in Morristown TN

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People enjoy wearing sunglasses not only because it helps block out the strong summer sun, but it also is a great fashion statement. However, did you know that wearing sunglasses in the winter is not only a fashionable but a smart thing to do when it comes to the care of your eyes? If you would like to get buy adipex on line, come visit us at Yandell Eyecare where we have a wide selection of designer sunglasses frames.

People are buying sunglasses in Morristown TN during all seasons, and especially now so that they will be wearing sunglasses in the winter that are new and fashionable. At our practice, our optometrist, Dr. James Allen Yandell is able to provide comprehensive vision exams and provide you with the right prescriptions for eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses as well. Sunglasses present many health benefits for your eyes, not only in the summer but in the winter as well. In fact, sunglasses are very important for children as well so that they will have some eye protection from the ultra violet rays of the sun. For children this is so important because the lenses in children’s eyes are more transparent than in adult eyes; and additionally it is estimated that 80% of a person’s total exposure to UV rays occurs before the age of 18. At our eye care practice we are happy to be able to offer children’s eyeglasses as well.

Adults as well benefit from wearing buy adipex on line all year round. Many people like wearing sunglasses simply for the fashion statement they offer. However, as an adult wearing sunglasses can also save you from getting too much UV exposure from the sun. Many adults spend a lot of time outdoors for recreation. Taking certain medications, such as birth control pills, can also add to your risk of sun exposure to your eyes. Risk of UV radiation to your eyes does not just occur in summer months. It can occur any time during the year. Sunglasses will protect your eyes much in the way sun blocks will protect your skin. If you would like to visit our practice and enjoy going through our fine collection of sun glasses, feel free to contact our optical boutique at any time. If you would like an appointment to see Dr. Yandell, simply give us a call.

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